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Earthy Wedding Trends

Over the last year or so I have noticed quite a few new wedding trends. Of course, NEVER let someone, or a website, dictate what your dream day will look like. However, I can tell you what I’ve observed recently. Firstly, a return to mother nature.  More earth (natural products and/or colours), less wind and […]

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Floral watercolour wedding signs

Not Just Blackboards

For many years Blackboard Artworx mainly supplied the hospitality industry with blackboard, coloured, sealed chalk art menus and signs. However, in recent years painted and/or penned wedding and event blackboards have come to the forefront in a major way!!!! Not only those white on black, vintage style chalkboards, but colour versions too. Requests for wedding […]

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Retro Reminiscing

One of my favourite Brisbane Wedding Stylists is White + White. I’m always delighted when they, or their bride and grooms, call on me to complete various signage for weddings. Each time has been so different and unique, it’s been a creative soul’s dream! However, when I first received Nadia and Alex’s brief, the first […]

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Who Is The Boy Behind ‘The Blackboard Boy’

Woot woot! My first interview! I’ve been following ‘The Blackboard Boy’ on Facebook for quite some time now and am always intrigued by his sense of humour, quirky photos and of course, impressed by his creatively shaped blackboards. His work ranges from speech bubbles, arrows and hearts, to lightening bolts. So I wanted to find […]

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