Learn Professional Chalk Art Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately you can’t order Learn Professional Chalk Art unless you agree to the terms and conditions. They’re really basic and short, and you would have to sign a confidentiality agreement if you were to physically attend an on site chalk art course. PLEASE NOTE, my sealed chalk art signs and techniques are NOT for outdoor use!!! AND, the technique IS NOT suitable for on site work, in most cases.


Refunds – I only offer an exchange of goods, NO REFUNDS. To date, Learn Chalk Art E-book and tutorials are available by download only. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION AND SYSTEM IS SUITABLE.

If your download fails I will attempt to assist you, and if all else fails, I will send the E-book and tutorials on CD by registered post at your expense.

*PLEASE NOTE – At the moment Learn Professional Chalk Art E-book and Tutorials are only available in PDF, with the exception of two that are available in Powerpoint presentation format. Powerpoint is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. If you do not have Adobe Reader to support PDF files you can get it for free here! 

I will not be giving any refunds due to any lack of artistic ability on your part!

Confidentiality – No material or information, what so ever may be shared, revealed, copied, reproduced, taught, used as a teaching tool/aide, or sold, without written authorisation/permission from me. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to use my materials for any of the fore-mentioned.

Copyright – All material and intellectual property is legally protected and remains the property of Blackboard Artworx (Nina Johnson).

*Note – You would have to be crazy to buy the Learn Professional Chalk Art package and attempt to sell copies or give away its secrets. Much more money can be made out of keeping this art unique and its techniques, secret. Chalk Artists guard their craft closely. You’d be amazed at the amount of enquiries I receive asking how it’s done!

OK…that’s the fine print out of the way. Payment is accepted by direct bank transfer or Paypal from within Australia, and by Paypal for overseas customers. To find out the current conversion rate for your currency, please visit Paypal. You will need to sign up first.

If you’d like to proceed with your purchase, please email nina@blackboardartworx.com.au


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