Why choose Blackboard Artworx chalk art?

Although blackboard chalk art is traditionally used to illustrate and decorate food menus, its versatility is endless. Blackboard Artworx has created signs not only for cafes and restaurants, but also for florists, hair salons, through to butchers and mechanics. It can enhance industry exhibition displays, event notice boards and draw attention to product lists.

Search by category or browse the ‘Work’ portfolio below for examples.

Blackboard Artworx gifts!

If you’re struggling for a gift idea, why not choose a customised blackboard?

Blackboard Artworx blackboards have decorated private kitchens and livened up BBQ and entertainment areas. The ultimate personalised gift! Hidden meanings and memories can be included on wine bottle or jam labels…just for fun! Or, have your chosen name included in the title of the blackboard.

Surprise a birthday boy or girl, or warm the hearts of a bride and groom. The sky’s the limit! Engagements, anniversaries, cake smashes, home decor…

Wedding Vendor and Event Blackboards.

Many wedding stylists and event planners, designers and photographers frequent expos and showcases. Converting logos or signage to a vintage look blackboard, certainly adds that nostalgic feeling. Of course, full colour is also available.

In a world of computer generated signage, chalk art blackboards bring character, vibrancy and personalisation!

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More Blackboard Artworx blackboards can be viewed on Facebook. To get a quote please fill out the enquiry form here or email nina@blackboardartworx.com.au


Sweet sixteenth birthday sign

Gourmet Burgers Chalkboard Menu

Pardons Fruit Market Blackboard Menu

Pardons Fruit Market Blackboard Menu

Lobster and Oyster Chalkboard Menu

Seafood Chalkboard Art Menu

Cake and Dessert Menu Chalk Art

Cocktail Menu Blackboard

Cocktail Menu Blackboard

Alessia’s First Birthday Party Chalkboard

Matteo’s First Birthday Party Chalkboard

All Day Breakfast Blackboard Menu

Drinks Blackboard Menu

Cafe Chalk Art Blackboard Menu

Healthy Food Chalk Art Blackboard Menu

40th Birthday Blackboard

Winter Menu Blackboard

Smalls Laundromat Chalkboard

Fragrant Flame Social Media Chalkboard

40th Birthday Chalkboard

Definition of Coffee Chalkboard

Club Rydex Menu Blackboard

Club Rydex Menu Blackboard. Blackboard menu, chalkboard menu, blackboard art, chalkboard art, hand lettering

Wedding Signature Cocktail Sign

That Flower Shop Logo Blackboard

Watercolour Nursery Sign

Sealed Chalk Art Menu Art

Watercolour Nursery Sign

First Birthday Watercolour Sign

21st Birthday Chalkboard

21st Birthday Chalkboard

Love Illuminated Wedding Expo Chalkboard

Chalk Art Delicatessen Blackboard

First Birthday Blackboard

Chalkboard Menus Australia

First Birthday Chalkboard

Chalkboard Menu Cheese Tower

Delicatessen Party Food Chalkboard

Delicatessen Antipasto Chalkboard

Lets Celebrate Birthday Chalkboard

Birthday Blackboard Chalkboard

Lucinda May Photography Logo Sign

Eventfully Yours Logo Chalkboard

Bella In Bloom Expo Blackboard

Maxi Foods Billboard Blackboard

Maxi Foods Cafe Chalkboard

Coffee Chalkboard Menu

Casuarina Weddings Logo Sign

Figtree Wedding Photography Logo Blackboard

Fire Engine Birthday Chalkboard

Chalkboard Direction Signs

Inferno Grill Marourbra Blackboard Menus

Engagement Love Story Blackboard

Isla’s First Birthday Blackboard

Decorative Cafe Blackboards

Fish and burger chalk art

Homemade with love blackboard

Cafe Blackboard Menu

Personalised Kitchen Blackboard / Chalkboard

Common Grounds Specials Blackboard

Juice Bar Menu Chalk Art

Kangaroo Beach Blackboard

Burger and roast chalk art

Specials, Breakfast & Soup Blackboards

Thank You Floral Blackboard

Imbue Weddings Flower Blackboard

Iced Coffee – Drinks Blackboard

Chalk Art Breakfast Menu

Figtree Pictures Logo Blackboard

Cake & Sweet Pastries Blackboard Menu

Wraps and Sweets Chalkboard Menu

Bridal Showcase Competition Chalkboard


Garden Dinner Society

Eggs Benedict

Main Course Menu

Tropical Flowers

Sandwich Menu

Jack In The Box

Chicken Logo Chalk Art

Chalk Art Chicken Logo

Specials Blackboard

Smoothies Menu

Menu Pocket

Pizza Blackboard

Moroccan Feature Blackboard

Desserts Blackboard

Coffee and More Chalk Art

Cake and Coffee Chalk Art

Burger Blackboard Menu

G’Day Bronte Lunch Blackboard

Breakfast Specials Chalkboard

Beach Club Cafe A-Frame

Engagement Story Blackboard

Edward’s First Birthday Chalkboard

Westen’s Cake Bash First Birthday Chalkboard

Sweet Details Logo Chalkboard

Sweet Details Logo Chalkboard

Sunshine and Confetti Logo Chalkboard

Love Jar Logo Chalkboard

Love Jar Logo Chalkboard

Little Gray Station Logo Chalkboard

Little Gray Station Logo Chalkboard

Jen Gifford Designs Logo Reproduction

Jen Gifford Designs Logo Reproduction

The Events Lounge Logo Blackboard

The Events Lounge Logo Blackboard

Boutique Art Logo Chalkboard

Boutique Art Logo Chalkboard

Bespoke Occasions Logo Chalkboard

Bespoke Occasions Logo Chalkboard

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