Weddings! Getting married? Would you like to welcome your guests, or need a seating plan?

*Please note, wedding signage is rarely created using ‘chalk’ due to the time consuming process and cost. Pens and paint are most commonly used.

I love weddings! While I don’t usually use traditional chalk art for weddings, white on black vintage blackboards, delicate watercolour on white or timber signs can add that special touch to your perfect day. Incorporate decorative elements from your styling, flower colours, favourite quote or a message of love to family and friends …keepsakes that can be treasured forever.

ALL Blackboard Artworx wedding blackboards and signs are sealed, smudge-proof, and can be delivered right to your door, wedding stylist or reception venue. You can find a quick price guide here with even MORE examples, or complete the enquiry form here. Please appreciate that Blackboard Artworx is usually booked out 2-4 months in advance, so making contact earlier, is better than later. To find out more about the ordering process, please visit the FAQ and Terms & Conditions page.

I’m constantly creating, so please do check out my Facebook page for RECENT worx and inspiration.

Blackboards (and signs) at weddings!

Oh, let me count the ways! What a lovely way to welcome your guests! Blackboards can make great wedding ceremony programs & direction signs, seating charts, display special poems or sentiments, bar signs, cocktail and food and menus. If you’re not keen on a black background ground, I can tailor your sign to suit your wedding decor with non black backgrounds or timber. For even more choices, take a look at my sealed watercolour on white options in the gallery below.

Tell a story! What a fantastic gift or welcoming piece for your own wedding day, anniversary or engagement party. The bride and groom’s ‘Love Story’ featured on a blackboard with cute pictures inserted into the text. Want everyone to put their phones and cameras away? Blackboard Artworx has a polite and pretty sign for this too! Unplugged wedding signs are becoming VERY popular. Or, in complete contrast, some couples love to see everyone’s photos of their big day and a #hashtag sign can help them keep track.

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