My original designs, remain the property of Blackboard Artworx Chalk Art. Yes, you may own the physical blackboard/signage, but you are not permitted to reproduce it, digitally or manually, in any way. Yes, of course, it is free to appear in any photos of your event, or on your premises…please DO share those photos and credit them accordingly. If you do wish to reproduce my work, please ask me, I don’t bite!

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1. Can you give me a quote for a blackboard?

Yes, yes I can. Unfortunately the cost of the blackboard does not solely depend on the size, so quoting on size only, is impossible. However, if you email me at nina@blackboardartworx.com.au with the following details, we can go from there: DATE REQUIRED, Size, approximate word content (headings/text), desired artwork, preferred colours/style/theme, suburb/postcode if the blackboard is not going to be collected*. Logos: if you require a logo to be included, please email that too and see point 7. in this document.

Weddings, please access the limited price guide in my Notes section on Facebook . You’re welcome to email me photos/links to similar work, for reference. Apart from your own logo, please do not ask me to replicate someone else’s work, I’m sure we can create something that is uniquely yours.

Brides and Grooms: Please forward any printed materials you’d like your blackboard/s to compliment.

*Collection can be made from Logan Village 4207, just south of Brisbane.

2. When will my blackboard be finished?

Depending on my current workload and how many blackboards you require, I can usually have the job completed in 1 – 3 weeks after commencement. How quickly the process below transpires, will also determine how quickly your blackboard is finished.

Brides and Grooms: Please give me as much notice as possible…please see section 3 below.

3. What is the process of ordering a blackboard?

Completion depends on how quick the following process transpires:

I’m usually booked out 2-3 months in advance, and continually filling spots in my work calendar for the coming year.

Below is to process to secure your blackboard/s:

  • Email me your blackboard requirements and DATE REQUIRED >
  • I provide a quote >
  • You accept my quote >
  • I send an invoice for a deposit of 50% (not including freight) to be paid within 7 days of receipt. This deposit IS refundable if you decide to cancel your order prior to job commencement. Paying your deposit ensures that I’ve allocated time to complete your job.
  • If you have paid for layouts, I provide a *layout/s if your wedding is soon approaching, otherwise this will be closer to your date >
  • Regarding the designing of your blackboard: Unfortunately this can be very time consuming. For this reason, the design/layout aspect of your blackboard will be treated separately. If you require a design layout a fee of $20 will be charged, per blackboard, with 2 or 3 changes permitted to ‘that’ layout. Naturally I fix my own mistakes for free 😉 For major or numerous changes or for new layouts, fees will apply. Major or numerous changes, $5 per change. For totally new layouts, $20 will be charged (per layout) and be treated as a first layout*
  • Of course, if you have your own design, graphic artist or marketing department, I’m totally happy to work with that/them.
  • Communications and adjustment of layout/s (if any) >
  • I complete the blackboards and email photos > Please note, that all of my work is hand done. Paint/pen stokes will be visible, and on occasion, some layout pencil lines. I do take care to try and remove as much as possible. If you want an ‘exact’ product, please try a printing company.
  • You proof read & approve final photo/s >
  • You pay the balance within 7 days > Sealing/drying (1-2 days) > packing/delivery or collection 🙂

Of course, under extenuating circumstances, such as severe wet or cold weather, me being stranded by flooding, may delay sealing and or delivery.

Responding to emails promptly is essential to the progress of the process.

You may see faint pencil lines, pen or brush strokes, although the utmost care is taken to keep these to an absolute minimum. If you have chosen to pay for a layout, please note that these are for design positioning and or font choices. Your actual blackboard/sign will not be an exact copy. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR LOGO or SIGN TO LOOK HAND COMPLETED, PLEASE VISIT A PRINTING COMPANY AND HAVE IT PRINTED.

PLYWOOD SIGNS – Although I take care hand choosing plywood for your signs, they are made from a natural product and contain visible grain, cracks, different surface properties and imperfections. These are even more evident when the plywood is stained/sealed. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER A PLYWOOD SIGN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IMPERFECTIONS.

ALL TIMBER SIGNS ARE CREATED ON STANDARD 7 MM PLYWOOD. These are perfect for weddings/events. If you would like them to last for decades, please frame them to prevent warping over time. If you require a long lasting timber sign, I offer 9 mm MARINE PLY. A little more costly, but much longer lasting.

4. Do you hire out blackboards?

No, I provide the board and the artwork/signage for you to purchase and keep.

5. Can I spray hairspray on my coloured chalk art to seal it?

I suppose you could, that’s up to you. My commercial coloured chalk art is sealed, permanent, smudge-proof and mostly, finger nail scratch proof. Please don’t ask me how I do what I do, I’ve devoted years to self learning and have written eBooks and tutorials outlined here.

6. Can I use my blackboard outside?

Blackboard Artworx blackboards are NOT weather proof. Put outside daily, in a weather protected area, would be fine, however the board does not appreciate moisture. Also, if your blackboard includes colour chalk art, this may fade over time if subjected to direct sunlight.

7. Logo reproduction and layouts Vs your actual board.

Logo reproduction is slightly more expensive due to the extra time required to ensure your logo is as close as possible to the original. Regarding colours – Unless you have opted to have your logo reproduced in black and white, there will always be variations in colour due to computer monitor differences and the difficulty in mixing paint colours.

8. Does your price include framing or an easel?

No, sorry, I don’t do either. To be honest, wedding/event signs don’t need to be framed for aesthetic reasons, they look great on an easel, as is. If you require an easel for your wedding or event, perhaps your venue or stylists can provide one. Otherwise, eBay and the like, are a great place to start looking!

Unfortunately framing options vary greatly and are very time consuming and costly for both of us. Most customers prefer to frame their blackboards, after they arrive, to ensure that they suit their decor…and this saves on freight costs due to the weight.

9. Labelling

The name ‘Blackboard Artworx’ will appear very discretely on all signs, except wedding signs, which will be labelled on the back, unless otherwise negotiated.

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