Hi there!

Hi, my name is Nina Johnson. Formally I gained my Diploma of Art, Illustration, way back in 1983. However, I have worked as a ticket writer and blackboard artist since 1996.

Blackboard Artworx is based just south of Brisbane, but can deliver to everywhere and anywhere, Australia wide.

All boards, including menus, are sealed making them smudge proof. Therefore, you can clean them and change your (unsealed) chalk prices, when required.

Although I enjoy creating any artwork, I relish the challenge of designing pieces that are unique and individual. I believe sign work shouldn’t just advertise, it should entice, create ambiance and entertain.

Most importantly, I LOVE what I do!

I’m sorry, but I don’t work on site or do call outs, due to my workload and sealing technique. If you’re enquiring about how I do what I do, please see my ‘Learn’ page

Apologies, but I cannot provide quotes on size only!

To get a quote, please complete the FORM here, or email me at nina@blackboardartworx.com.au

I look forward to chatting with you  on Facebook.

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