Planning a wedding blackboard.

Planning a wedding blackboard is similar to any other blackboard, with a few different considerations. When a bride and groom or wedding stylist contacts me, I like to get a feel of the ceremony and reception.

If the couple’s invitations are indicative to the style of their big day, I ask to see them first. Then, if there is a particular setting or theme to the wedding? Preferred fonts and embellishments? White on black or with a little colour?

lace wedding invitation

After these factors have been established, then I begin the computer layouts. These are actual layouts used for a recent blackboard. This wedding is going to be classically simple, black and white and stylish. An obvious starting point is the lace incorporated on the invitations.

wedding ceremony blackboard

Luckily the bride and groom loved it, only opting to remove the requested quotes from the top and bottom of the board.

wedding blackboard layout

After approval, the layout is inverted, black on white and printed. It’s much easier to record notes and measurements on white paper. Generally dividing the paper into quarters, width and length ways, gives me enough reference points to transfer onto the blackboard…and so, the measuring and pencil lines begin.

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The lace took quite some time to complete, but totally worth it! When completed the blackboard is wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any pencil lines.

A photo of the finished blackboard is then emailed to the customer for final approval. If they’re happy with it, it’s then sealed and posted.

Finito! Happy wedding day Nicole and David.

wedding ceremony blackboard

I look forward to sharing more with you very soon.

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