Wedding Sign(s) Checklist. Part 2 ‘Wedding Seating Plans’

Do you really need a seating plan at your wedding reception? Unless you’re having a small, family orientated, informal reception, where everyone knows each other…. you will.

Besides, it reassures your guests, when they first arrive at your reception venue, that they’re in the right place and that they have a table to sit at.

Seating plans should visually tie in with your theme, wedding colours and décor…all, so very different, depending on the wedding and the bride and groom. They don’t have to be complicated.

A simple motif at the top, or a message to your guests, is all you need. Please take your seat… your seat awaits you…getting hungry?…bon apetit! It’s totally up to you.

If you have decided to have a seating plan made, consider the spacing. The more writing, the more cramped it will appear. So, usually first names are sufficient, with surname initials for duplicates, is fine.

Of course, that might not suit you. You can list your guests alphabetically.

Or, when there are soooo many people that surnames are the easiest way for your guests to locate their table…

Now for the decorations! As you can see, it REALLY does depend on your wedding styling.White on black, colourful flowers, delicate watercolour.

I also think it’s lovely to list the bridal table at the top, horizontally.  Particularly for large receptions.

Wedding menu chalkboard

Wedding seating plan chalkboard

Different coloured backgrounds, different decorative elements. They’re all as unique as the bride and groom.

Gold and white on navy blue.

Soft watercolour on white distressed.

Hand drawn vintage picture frames, hanging on a rose vine.

Extra tall!

A little bit country.

I hope this quick blog post has offered some solutions and inspiration. And, even though you probably won’t have your RSVPs finalised before 2-3 weeks prior to your best day ever, DO decide on how you’ll create your seating plan well in advance. Booking a professional (early) to do the job will put your mind ease and make your reception look even more magical!

Nina xo

Wedding Seating Plan Chalkboard

Wedding Seating Plan Chalkboard

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