Who Is The Boy Behind ‘The Blackboard Boy’

Woot woot! My first interview! I’ve been following ‘The Blackboard Boy’ on Facebook for quite some time now and am always intrigued by his sense of humour, quirky photos and of course, impressed by his creatively shaped blackboards. His work ranges from speech bubbles, arrows and hearts, to lightening bolts. So I wanted to find out exactly who is the boy behind ‘The Blackboard Boy’?


Firstly, could you tell us a little about yourself!

My name is James and I am The Blackboard Boy! I’m 15, in Year 10 and live in Toowoomba. As the Blackboard Boy, I make and sell Blackboards in all kinds of shapes and sizes, selling them on the internet and Facebook and then sending them around the world!

blackboard boy blackboards

How, when and why did you start doing what you’re doing?

So, this one time, super way back in 2011, I may or may not have spent all my money on video games and was in reasonably desperate need of cash. Recently, I had been thinking about photo props and items used in photos. I came up with the concept of Speech-bubble shaped Blackboards. I brainstormed and devised the materials and method of making them. After making a batch of 24 and taking them to my local markets, they went well. It just went from there, my range expanded and and I moved across to my natural habitat – the internet.


What do you love and dislike most about your business?

There is plenty of hands on work I have to fit in around school (pfff), and ideas can often be met with disappointment and poor reception. But despite that, it’s a bunch of fun. Being the face of the business, entrepreneurial skills, being my own boss! If I want a tea and biscuit break I don’t deserve, I’ll have a tea and biscuit break I don’t deserve!

In five years time, what would you like to be doing, where do you see yourself?

Five years time is a big and daunting thought. I’d be out of school, at uni, learning what I need to know for whatever career I want to do! I’d like to be getting somewhere. Also, I’d like to be taller.

Your favourite things, activities, music, colours?

I like long walks on the on the beach and candlelit fireplaces…
No, but what I enjoy most is Music. It is a very large part of my life. I play guitar, drums, piano, sing, ukulele, the list continues. By senior, I will be studying four arts subjects and hopefully end up with a career in one of them! I also don’t go outside, enjoy eating and sleeping, and like the colour yellow in excessive amounts.

If you’d like to tell us anything else, do it now, or forever hold your peace!

I once killed a man with a roll of duct tape. (He IS joking)


Where can we find you?

Facebook is the most reliable and constant source of Blackboardy goodness.
My store is also super-duper awesome.

the blackboard boy

I hope you enjoyed reading about James, I mean ‘The Blackboard Boy’ as much as I did. One day I maybe lucky enough to chalk art one of his wonderful blackboards,and perhaps in the near future…’The Blackboard Boy’ may even get his own cape!

Talk soon.

Nina { }


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