Wedding Sign(s) Checklist. Part 1 ‘Welcome Signs’

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! You may, or may not, have a definite idea of what your ‘best day ever’, will look like. When it comes to wedding signage, there are a few things to consider. I’ve compiled the checklist below, which will hopefully make any decision processes a little easier.

*Side note – I never charge more for ‘wedding’ work. All of my prices are calculated by the time they take to create + materials, the same method I use to cost café menus and birthday blackboards etc.

  1. Firstly, and you may think I’m a bit crazy for asking, but do you really need signage at your wedding?

Having asked that, personally, I’m totally in love with welcome signs, which are my most popular product. If I was going to have only one sign at my wedding, it would be a welcome sign.  They reflect the colours and feel of your wedding, and your guests will know they’ve arrived (in the right place) . They add that special touch, and attention to detail, to your ceremony and décor. So, if your answer is “Yes!” to a welcome sign, please consider the following questions.

  1. Will you be keeping it after your wedding to display in your home?

If you intend to, you may want to omit the word ‘wedding’. After all, your family and friends already know they’re attending your wedding. Some couples opt for a meaningful (to them) romantic quote.

  1. On your wedding day do you intend on topping your welcome sign with gorgeous flowers and foliage?

If you are, simple and inexpensive signs are just as effective as more decorative,  costly welcome signs. Unless of course, you’d like me to adorn it with beautiful hand painted and drawn flowers or other stunning embellishments, so it will be ‘sitting pretty’ in your home forever more.

Simple doesn’t = plain. Fonts, positioning and colour are key.

I really don’t see the sense in spending money on both painted flowers and real flowers UNLESS you’re thinking about after your wedding = home decor.

Credits – Joel & Lauren – Tiffany’s Flowers and Weddings at Tiffany’s. Peter & Kellie – Poppies For Willow. Kate & Joe – Ashleigh K Weddings and Nine Blooms.


Apologies for yelling! However, if it doesn’t tie in with, or compliment your wedding, it will stand out like a throbbing, sore thumb! Inspiration or mood boards are awesome! They clearly show me, well, everything. Colour, style, theme and the atmosphere you envisage.

I can’t tell you (or show you) some of the faux pas I’ve seen, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Most have come about due to couples loving their invitations, which often play no or little part of an actual wedding. Or,  they are hoping to have particular (unobtainable, un-seasonal) flowers in the bouquets and centre pieces etc.

PLEASE, don’t include any decorative elements or colours that won’t make your wedding day look fabulous!

Some of my most loved creations have been achieved for the most laid back and confident brides and grooms. Unless you have super specific design requirements, send me your dreams and I’ll make it into a sign.

Nina xo


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