Wedding Sign(s) Checklist. Part 3 ‘Ceremony signage’

So, your big day is drawing near. You must be getting very excited!!! Have you thought about your ceremony set up? I’m sure you have. Will you be having a traditional seating arrangement? Bride’s family and friends on one side of the aisle, and the groom’s, on the other.

Many couples these days opt to have a more relaxed approach and let their guests know by displaying a pretty little sign. This wording would have to be the most popular, to date…

And, remember, no matter which message you choose, your sign can be made to match your colours and style. Elle and Ethan’s decor was off white, black and navy.

Simple and whimsical, created to match Chloe and Corey’s welcome sign and seating plan.

As was Rebekah and Stuart’s, who also opted for an unplugged ceremony, but a hashtagged reception. Each sign featured those little hearts and the same fonts.

Very formal, intricate and not black and white…

Decorated with delicate watercolour flowers, this one definitely adds a splash of soft colour.

Consider other popular wording, for instance:

“Friends of the bride, friends of the groom, sit together, there’s plenty of room.”

“Now that we’ll be together forever, we’d like you to sit wherever.”

“Choose a seat, not a side. Just make sure you can see the bride.”

“She said yes, now they say “I Do”. Please pick any seat, we’re now one family, not two.”

Seating combined with a ‘Thank You’…

Don’t leave your guests floundering, wondering what the seating arrangements are. It only takes a little sign to put their minds at ease.

Sit wherever your heart desires <3 Nina xo

PS. don’t forget to ‘reserve’ some front row seats for your oldest nearest and dearests!

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